Paragliding Gear Specifications and User Reviews

From buying your first A wing and harness, to finding your class D, Sky Shark provides the ability to easily compare all of the gear from the top paragliding manufacturers. Sky Shark is here to help you find the right paragliding equipment for your next flight!

Oudie N - 2

Naviter Releases the Oudie N!

With Oudie N, you can take your flying to the next level. Gone are the days of relying on outdated weather information and cumbersome flight planning tools. Oudie N provides

New from Mac Para! Verve

The Verve provides excellent performance and speed potential while maintaining unprecedented stability, pilot comfort and flying easiness. Intensive development together with the testing of many prototypes resulted in the creation
Supair-Eona 4 -1

Supair - EONA 4 - Take off on a new adventure!

The EONA 4 has just one mission: to let you enjoy your first flights. Smoothness and ease are the watchwords of this new generation of EONA, the ideal school glider.

Nova - FERUS Backpack

The FERUS lightweight paragliding rucksack is suitable for hike & fly, vol biv and as an everyday paragliding backpack due to its high carrying comfort and smart features. It is


Niviuk Arrow - Aim High, Aim Far!

AIM HIGH, AIM FAR A rear fairing harness designed for pilots who want to make the most of their XC adventures and start competing. Optimised aerodynamics for drag reduction and


Miura 2 RS - One Wing, Two Classes!

The MIURA 2 RS is designed for those pilots who are just finishing or have just completed their training. Allowing those pilots much more latitude with their first wing. To

Zoom - X2C 105

With the EN C 2-Liner X2C Alex Höllwarth launches the first ZooM product and were able to lift the performance to the next level in its class

Nova Codex - Accessible two-liner performance

The EN C cross-country paraglider CODEX is a well-balanced, semi-light two-liner. It impresses with high performance, which is very easy to utilise due to the low aspect ratio of 6.1
My Redbull Journey

Sky Dance - The Art of Paragliding

1223 km in 7 days through the Alps. For some athletes it is an event every two years. For me this third participation in 15 years was unique and unforgettable.
Lena 75

Paragliding with Lena - Flight #75 - Beard of Horrors!

Lena, a newish Austrian pilot, has been sharing her journey into the sport and her enthusiasm is infectious. It has been a joy to watch her gain experience and take

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