Cloud Life

Oudie N - 2

Naviter Releases the Oudie N!

With Oudie N, you can take your flying to the next level. Gone are the days of relying on outdated weather information and cumbersome flight planning tools. Oudie N provides
My Redbull Journey

Sky Dance - The Art of Paragliding

1223 km in 7 days through the Alps. For some athletes it is an event every two years. For me this third participation in 15 years was unique and unforgettable.
Art of Paragliding Video

Sky Dance - The Art of Paragliding

This film shows the breathtaking beauty of this sport, which, when practiced with common sense, perfect preparation and good self-assessment, can also be very safe! The mindful pilot makes smart
Reb Bull X-Alps 2023 Movie Cover

Movie: Red Bull X-Alps 2023

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the world's toughest adventure race across the Alps. The most skilled and strongest athletes compete in speed hiking, ultra-running, mountaineering and paragliding.
Lena 75

Paragliding with Lena - Flight #75 - Beard of Horrors!

Lena, a newish Austrian pilot, has been sharing her journey into the sport and her enthusiasm is infectious. It has been a joy to watch her gain experience and take


On Sunday, August 20th, Ozone R&D pilot Baptiste Lambert set a new World Record, flying a 350.53 km FAI triangle in Hautes-Alpes, France. His flight began just before 10:00 in
Benjamin Kellett-Paragliding 197km

New Zealand [Unofficial] FAI Record - Benjamin Kellett

Incredible day flying around the spectacular New Zealand backcountry. I made a lot of mistakes this day, the only way I managed to close the triangle was by staying in
x-pyr the movie

X-Pyr 2022 - The movie

Great coverage of the 2022 X-Pyr. Follow many of the athletes as they take on the course.

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