On Sunday, August 20th, Ozone R&D pilot Baptiste Lambert set a new World Record, flying a 350.53 km FAI triangle in Hautes-Alpes, France.

His flight began just before 10:00 in the morning at Col d’Izoard, the same place to which he would return 11 hours later. Baptiste was flying the Enzo 4.

He reports:

“What an exhilarating flight ! As we prepared for takeoff, a persistent 15 km/h backwind (North) initially cast doubt on the day’s prospects. Nonetheless, we took off on the north face and jumped into the leeside side in search of our first thermals. It was an excellent solidity test of the Enzo4 prototype I was flying this day. As it was my first time there, I was a little bit lost in these big mountains so I turned back a little bit too early compared to my fellow pilots. I then did the majority of the flight alone. Thermals where crazy good which allowed me to take a fast and direct road to all my turn points.

After covering 250 kilometers at an average speed of 38 km/h, it was time to make the journey back to the takeoff point. The 20km/h headwind made it really challenging and turbulent for this last leg. Going in the Embrun valley was magic. Thermals were weak and smooth, the valley breeze was pushing me directly to the takeoff. The last thermal was quite tricky, I turned 20 minutes in it while contemplating the sunset in these impressive mountains. This is why I fly”

For Bat’s flight track:…/detail…/20.08.2023/07:49

Congrats Baptiste, amazing work! Cheers from all the Team.

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